Your Visit

1. Please help us maximize your time and make your visit as comfortable as possible. New patients can expect to be in the office for 30-90 minutes depending on the reason for the appointment. Returning patients can expect to be in the office for 15-30 minutes.


2. Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes early for your appointment so that your child can be weighed and measured before seeing the doctor.


3. Don't forget to bring your child's Health Passport, BC CareCard, immunization record, list of medications and/or doses or bring the medications with you, and extra diapers. You are more than welcome to feed your infant in the clinic if needed.


4. Dress appropriately – depending on the reason for the visit, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately so that a proper examination can be completed. Bring a blanket for baby to keep him/her warm.


5. Timing is important, especially for young infants. Please choose an appointment time that works best with your infant's schedule and coincides with a time they are most likely to be cooperative.


6. Prepare for your visit by writing down important questions you would like answered in relation to your specific health concern.